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Bluetooth headphones sunglasses are completely portable and affordable as well. It’s a popular gadget among the young generation. These glasses are a combination of polarized sunglasses with a Bluetooth headset with detachable ear buds. It has a super strong frame and is super lightweight. You can comfortably wear it as it’s very flexible. This gadget is very trendy and stylish as it has a unique design. Its wireless too so you don’t need to worry yourself with tangled wires. You can listen to your favorite track with headphones by connecting these glasses with your mobile via Bluetooth and simultaneously receive calls. You can also connect this with your Tablets PCs, Laptops, PSPs, and TVs. You can play game via this device as it as multiple options for the same. It has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, comes with a Mini USB cable for charging. It’s a scalable earphone and it’s rotatable up to 270. Everyone should have this as it is the best partner for driving enthusiasts and fans of outdoor activities.