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Look 2 waist sizes smaller the moment you wear this miracle support belt.Shape-enhancing compression technology helps produce that feminine hourglass shape you love…without hours working out in the gym.Double bonus design lets you appear slimmer instantly and it supports your lower back with soft, comfortable compression while you work or play.Seamless design can be worn over or under clothing.Adjustable magic touch closure for a perfect custom fitBecome visibly, instantly slimmerShape your figureSmooth your mid-sectionDual-compression technology reduces your waistlineSeamless system design in breathable fabricProvides posture and alignment supportMiss Belt will give you a way to show off that sexy, eye-catching shape you’ve been hiding all this time.Worn under clothes, or over them, the fabric uses dual-compression technology, combined with a seamless system design, to give you the figure you desire, immediately. Look 2 Size Smaller Instantly! Miss Belt, the contraption cinches around waists to flatten and suck in stomachs at the middle, resulting in an exaggerated hourglass shape for the wearer. Using compression technology, Miss Belt purports to be able to make women look two sizes smaller by tucking in bellies, reducing waistlines, and providing back support.